About Us

The Cognitive Science Student Journal is not only a great place to share and highlight student work, it is also a student-run publication. Each semester, different students tackle the various tasks involved in publishing a journal with the guidance of Sabrina and a tutor. This is a great way for students to gain experience in two different ways. The students who submit their work get to make their first experiences with the publishing process. At the same time, the students in the journal team learn about science communication and the behind-the-scenes of a journal. The Cognitive Science Student Journal is part of a larger project highlighting student work at the Institute of Cognitive Science that was initiated by Tobias and Laura.

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Our Commitment Against Discrimination

The Cognitive Science Student Journal is a platform for sharing research and fostering exchange. It’s also our responsibility to create a discrimination-free environment so that everyone—readers, authors, and people included in or affected by the published work—can feel welcome and included.

In “Our Commitment Against Discrimination” , we lay out our stance and values. Also, we share our Transparency Reports there. These tell you about any incidents we noticed or were brought to our attention and the steps we took to resolve them and prevent them in the future.

The Journal Team

There are a lot of tasks involved in publishing a student journal which are addressed by four main teams: The ‘Reviewing and Editing‘ team, the ‘Marketing‘ team, the ‘Website‘ team and the ‘Publishing’ team.

But what are the tasks of the different teams? Our ‘Marketing’ team creates content for social media and develops and implements a marketing strategy for the student journal. Our ‘Reviewing and Editing’ team is responsible for reviewing student submissions as well as editing and formatting them, spanning from papers to videos and images. The ‘Website’ team keeps the website up to date by creating designs and writing or editing content for the website. The ‘Publishing’ team provides an overview of the work of the student journal to schedule and plan the publishing process, with the goal of coordinating the different teams.

Usually, the student journal works closely together with the Kaleidoscience Podcast which was founded by Sönke, Alina and Elisa. They are an independent group but belong to the editorial board as well. Regularly, they interview students and researchers in the field of Cognitive Science, providing insightful opinions on current topics.

Laura and Tobias, who initiated the Journal are still providing help. Tobias shares valuable insights on copyright and trademark, and pulls the organizational strings behind the scenes. Laura envisioned the journal initially and now assists in the reviewing process and with design decisions.

© Simone Reukauf Fotografie

How to become part of the team

Are you curious about what goes into the publication of a paper? Do you like team work and would you like to get an exclusive look behind the scenes of a scientific journal? Do you want to be one step ahead when publishing your own work? Or are you simply interested in gaining practical experience in science communication?

Good news! All this and more is simply achievable if you participate in next semester’s iteration of the Practical Cognitive Science Communication seminar which can easily be found on StudIP. By attending, you become part of our editorial team and can take part in executive decisions regarding the journal.


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