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Editorial Blog

The Editorial Blog: A Space For Your Voice to Resonate

Welcome to the Editorial Blog of the Cognitive Science Student Journal. Dive into the different roles and activities carried out by our team as we unveil the steps behind the scenes, shedding light on the process that breathes life into the publication of student scientific articles and beyond.

This page is more than a glimpse behind the curtain, it’s a convergence of diverse voices. We come together here to offer unique perspectives on current scientific topics. It’s a shared space where researchers, spanning various career stages within our cognitive science community, share their insights, opinions, and experiences. Here, we open a window into the daily life of a scientist in the dynamic field of Cognitive Science.

But crucially, this blog is not just about us; it’s about you. It’s a platform for your voice to resonate. We want to hear your thoughts on your studies, your passions, and your ideas.

What does cognitive science mean to you? Consider sharing your perspective in an interview, allowing your insights to contribute to the mosaic of ideas that make up our community. Your voice matters, and this blog is the perfect space for it to be heard.

These are some of the contents that you can find here: Journal’s updates on the most recent articles and events involving our team; an overview of the story, mission and goals carried out by the Journal, as shared by its founders and the members of the Editorial Board; interviews with students, researchers and alumni of the Institute of Cognitive Science in Osnabrück.