Editorial Team – Summer Term 2024

A picture of 15 young adults smiling in the camera. Some of them are holding a paper octopus in their hands.

Campbell Shelor, Rebecca Watzlawek, Martin Kolloli, Eva Kuth, Sabrina A.L. Frohn, Julia Lucero Lopez Bravo, Gina Reppien, Maria Luiza Volynets, Niloofar Nazari, Jila Petsch, Alicja Suchonska, Elham Azami, Alberto Rivera, Sean Quägwer, Madlen Peters


Team members not on the image: Norman Nebbe, Sıla Sevi Çapar, Zahra Ahmadi, L. De Arruda, Sadaf Amirmaki, Abisha Manoj

About Us


There are a lot of tasks involved in publishing a student journal which are addressed by different students each semester. As the student journal progresses, the team structure evolves with it. This semester, our editorial board is divided into four teams:

★ Our ‘Publisher’, who keeps an eye on the big picture, the publishing schedule and upcoming events. 

★ The ‘Reviewing and Editing‘ team, responsible for processing all submitted scientific papers, posters or educational videos.  

  1. ★ The ‘Marketing‘ team, that creates content to advertise the journal. Their focus lies on creative and innovative marketing strategies, for instance using social media or mouth-to-mouth advertisement. 

★ The ‘Website‘ team is focusing on improving the website as well as creating and incorporating new content. Their goal is to make the appearance as attractive, accessible and functional as possible. 

All teams are supported by our lecturer Sabrina, who is in charge of organizational matters and helps with publishing overall. Additionally, specifically the ‘Reviewing and Editing’ team is assisted by Lily, our tutor for this semester.  

The Cognitive Science Student Journal works closely together with the Kaleidoscience Podcast which was founded by Sönke, Alina and Elisa. They are an independent group, but belong to the editorial board as well. Regularly, they interview students and researchers in the field of Cognitive Science, proividing insightful opinions on current topics.

The Cognitive Science Student Journal is part of a larger project highlighting student work at the Institute of Cognitive Science that was initiated by Tobias and Laura. Tobias shares valuable insights on copyright and trademark, and pulls the organizational strings behind the scenes. Laura envisioned the journal initially and now assists in the reviewing process and with design decisions: “During my Cognitive Science studies I was missing a place to share my and others’ works – seeing the journal come to life is wonderful and I am eager to see what more is to come.”

One Team – Many Roles

Reviewing and Editing

  • Rebecca Watzlawek
  • Sıla Sevi Çapar
  • Sean Quägwer
  • Zahra Ahmadi
  • Elham Azami
  • L. De Arruda



  • Maria Luiza Volynets


  • Martin Kololli
  • Gina Reppien
  • Jila Petsch
  • Eva Kuth
  • Alicja Suchonska
  • Norman Nebbe


  • Sönke Lülf
  • Alina Ohnesorge
  • Elisa Palme


  • Sadaf Amirmaki
  • Abisha Manoj
  • Madlen Peters
  • Campbell Shelor


  • Niloofar Nazari 


  • Sabrina A.L. Frohn
© Simone Reukauf Fotografie
© Simone Reukauf Fotografie

How to become part of the team

Are you curious about what goes into the publication of a paper? Do you like team work and would you like to get an exclusive look behind the scenes of a scientific journal? Do you want to be one step ahead when publishing your own work? Or are you simply interested in gaining practical experience in science communication?

Good news! All this and more is simply achievable if you participate in next semester’s iteration of the Practical Cognitive Science Communication seminar which can easily be found on StudIP. By attending, you become part of our editorial team and can take part in executive decisions regarding the journal.