Editorial Team – Winter Term 2022/23

 Meet the team behind the Cognitive Science Student Journal from Osnabrück University – united by the goal to give fellow students the opportunity to share their work with other Cognitive Science enthusiasts.

About Us


There are a lot of tasks involved in publishing a student journal which are addressed by different students each semester. During our first (block) seminar the work is roughly divided between two teams.
Our ‘Outreach’ team is helmed by Anna and Hardika. Their group creates content for social media and our Cognitive Science Student Journal website. Further, they develop and implement a marketing strategy, design concepts, and are responsible for publishing.
Our ‘Reviewing and Editing’ team is led by Elias and Franca. They are responsible for reviewing student submissions as well as editing and formatting them. That spans from papers over videos to images.

Sabrina and Lisa conceptualized the publishing process of the Cognitive Science Student Journal. Now, they co-teach the corresponding seminar and provide guidance to the team members. Lisa’s focus lies with the ‘Reviewing and Editing’ team while Sabrina is more involved with the ‘Outreach’ team and handles incoming submissions.

Hedye, Jakob, and Friederike have been essential in the lead up to the seminar. They now assist with any work regarding their respective areas of expertise. A special thanks goes to Shivani, who initiated a social media strategy before the seminar start.

The Cognitive Science Student Journal is part of a larger project highlighting student work at the Institute of Cognitive Science and was initiated by Tobias and Laura. Tobias shares invaluable insights on copyright and trademark, and pulls the organizational strings behind the scenes. Laura envisioned the journal initially and now assists in the reviewing process and with design decisions: “During my Cognitive Science studies I was missing a place to share my and others’ works – seeing the journal come to life is wonderful and I am eager to see what more is to come.”

One Team – Many Roles


  • Sabrina A.L. Frohn
  • Laura Krieger
  • Tobias Thelen
  • Lisa Titz


  • Friederike Kordaß
  • Jakob Lohkamp
  • Hedye Tayebi Jazayeri

Marketing and Website Content

  • Hardika Potey
  • Anna Shapiro

Reviewing and Editing

  • Elias Harjes
  • Franca Klausing


“We are responsible for reviewing student submissions as well as editing and formatting them.” – Franca and Elias
“In only a few weeks we were able to dive deeply into the publication and marketing processes. With our acquired skills we have helped others take one more step towards becoming accomplished researchers.” – Hardika and Anna

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