Editorial Team – Summer Term 2023

Cognitive Science Student Journal
Birte Heidebrecht, Hanna Willkomm, Paul Wachter, Shivani Bawsay, Johanna Kopetsch, Rahim Foroughisaeidabadi, Katharina Trant, Mara Rehmer, Sabrina Frohn – Lara McDonald, Febryeric M. Parantean, Ereny Magdy R. Shehat, – Lisa Titz, Lan A. Vu, Laura Tiemann, Friederike Kordaß, Franca Klausing, Simone Anthes, Jakob Lohkamp

Team members not on the image: Erika Angelescu, Celine Aubuchon, Boon T. Chew, Luiz F. De Arruda, Laura Krieger, Malte Restorff, Tobias Thelen, Rossana Verdier

About Us


Meet the team behind the Cognitive Science Student Journal from Osnabrück University – united by the goal to give fellow students the opportunity to share their work with other Cognitive Science enthusiasts.

There are a lot of tasks involved in publishing a student journal which are addressed by different students each semester. During the second iteration of our seminar the work is roughly divided between four teams.

Our Marketing team consists of Boon Tao, Eric, Erika and Ereny. Their group creates content for social media. They also create new marketing and engagement strategies.

In this iteration of the seminar, we also have a Website Implementation Team made up of Hanna, Katharina, Laura, Malte and Mara. They are creating a new website that meets the requirements of the journal as it is expanding.

The Website Content Team is comprised of Johanna, Luiz, Rahim, Rossana and Simone. Their main aim is to create supporting content for the published submissions. Another focus of theirs is creating additional content for the website that helps to make the submission process more accessible or to showcase other parts of students’ life.

Our Reviewing and Editing team consists of Birte, Celine, Lara, Lay and Paul. They are responsible for reviewing student submissions as well as editing and formatting them. That spans from papers over videos to images.

Lisa and Sabrina conceptualized the publishing process of the Cognitive Science Student Journal. Now, they co-teach the corresponding seminar and provide guidance to the team members.

Franca, Friederike, Jakob and Shivani are essential in the execution of the seminar. They support the groups regarding their respective areas of expertise.

As project managers Laura and Tobias work mostly behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly.

One Team – Many Roles

Course Organizer

  • Franca Klausing
  • Friederike Kordaß
  • Jakob Lohkamp
  • Laura Krieger
  • Lisa Titz
  • Sabrina A.L. Frohn
  • Shivani Bawsay
  • Tobias Thelen


  • Erika Angelescu
  • Johanna Kopetsch
  • Lay (Lan Anh Vu)

Reviewing and Editing

  • Birte Heidebrecht
  • Celine Aubuchon
  • Lara McDonald
  • Lay (Lan Anh Vu)
  • Paul Wachter

Website Content

  • Johanna Kopetsch
  • Luiz Fernando de Arruda
  • Rahim Foroughisaeidabadi
  • Rossana Verdier
  • Simone Anthes


  • Boon Tao Chew
  • Ereny Shehat
  • Erika Angelescu
  • Fabryeric M. Parantean

Website Implementation

  • Hanna Willkomm
  • Katharina Trant
  • Laura Tiemann
  • Malte Restorff
  • Mara Rehmer


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